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Autumn Show 2008 Results

13th September 2008

The show was again enjoyed by our members, and the general public at the Caversham festival.

above : Gillian Matthews with the Jubilee shield for most points in Vegetable, Fruit and Flowers sections.

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The results for the 2008 show are as follows

5 tomatoes, J. McCartney; 5 potatoes, white, J. McCartney; 5 potatoes, coloured, J. McCartney; 3 onions, globe, Ms G. Matthews; 3 onions, flat, Ms G. Matthews; 9 shallots, over 1" in diameter, J. McCartney; 9 shallots, under 1" in diameter, L. Bradley; 3 beetroot, L. Bradley; 1 cabbage, L. Bradley; 3 carrots, J. McCartney;  6 runner beans, J. McCartney; 7 french beans, Mrs E. Rae; truss of green tomatoes, J. McCartney; truss of cherry tomatoes, Ms G Matthews; pair of marrows, L. Bradley; squash, Ms G. Matthews; any other vegetable, J. McCartney; any 4 vegetables, J. McCartney; 3 sticks rhubarb, Ms G. Matthews; vase of herbs, Mrs E. Rae; mixed salad leaves, Mrs V. Wing. 

3 Dessert apples, Ms G. Matthews; 3 cooking apples, Mrs V. Wing; 3 pears, <no 1st prize>; 3 plums, <no  1st prize>; any other fruit, Ms G. Matthews; plate of unshelled nuts, Mrs E. Rae.

3 blooms large flowered (HT) roses, L. Bradley; 3 stems of any other rose, <no 1st prize>; specimen rose, <no 1st prize>; 5 pompon dahlias, J. McCartney; 3 mixed dahlias, J. McCartney; 3 dahlias, single variety, J. McCartney; 1 specimen bloom dahlia, L. Bradley; specimen stem pelargonium, Mrs H. Urbanek; vase of flowering shrubs, Mrs C. Aldridge; vase of any other kind of perennials, Ms G. Matthews, vase of annuals single variety, Mrs J. Anderson; vase of annuals, mixed varieties, <no 1st prize>; 3 stems mixed fuchsias, Mrs H. Urbanek; 3 stems fuchsia, 1 variety, Mrs H. Urbanek; 6 stems foliage, at least 3 varieties, Ms G. Matthews; fuchsia in a pot, Mrs H. Urbanek; foliage pot plant, Mrs H. Urbanek; flowering pot plant, under 6" pot, Mrs H. Urbanek; acti or succulent, Mrs H. Urbanek.

5 Runner beans, D. Parish; 3 onions, S. Barlow; Any other kind of vegetable, G. Spires; 2 apples,  Mrs R. Barlow; Any other kind of fruit, D. Parish; vase of mixed flowers, <no 1st prize>; vase of one kind of flower, G Spires.

5 flapjacks, Mrs E. Rae; Bakewell tart, Mrs C. Aldridge; jar of fruit jelly, Ms G. Matthews ; 5 savoury vol-au-vents, Mrs A Briggs; 3 chocolate chip muffins, Mrs E. Rae; lemon drizzle cake, Mrs A. Briggs.

Longest runner bean, Mrs V. Wing;  Collection of the most misshapen vegetables no prize awarded; Bob Turner Challenge Cup, Miss J. Sawyer, Ted Tiffen Cup, Miss J. Sawyer, rose buttonhole, Mrs H. Urbanek.

Colour photograph of a single flower head, Ms G. Matthews; colour photograph of a garden visited, <no 1st prize>; hand knitted toy, <no 1st prize>; a item of childrens wear, <no 1st prize>; Decorated flower pot, Ms G. Matthews; Easter card <no 1st prize>; design a poster <no 1st prize>.

"Dining table exhibit", Mrs B. Latcham; "Water", <no 1st prize> ; "Song title", Mrs. B. Latcham; "Petite", Mrs A. Briggs; "Miniature", Mrs A. Briggs.

Garden in a half seed tray, Master C Haley; monster made from fruit or vegetables, Master G. Rae; A4 paper decorated with pressed flowers, Master M. Barlow; 3 chocolate brownies, Master W Tolley; Mustard and Cress in an unusual container; Master M. Barlow; any  vegetable, Miss E. Littlewoord; vase of 6 garden flowers, Miss T. Haley; design a poster, Master M. Barlow..

Jubilee Shield - most points in vegetables, fruit and flower sections, Ms G. Matthews

Ford Silver Challenge Cup - most points vegetables, Mr J. McCartney

Parsons Silver Challenge Cup - most points fruit, Ms G. Matthews

Society Silver Challenge Cup - most points flowers, Mrs H. Urbanek

Balmore Cup - Most points in novices section, S Barlow

Whiskin Trophy - most points in domestic section, Mrs E Rae

Handicraft cup - most points in handicraft section, Ms G. Matthews

Devon Cup - most points in floral Art Section, Mrs B. Latcham

Bob Turner Challenge Cup, Miss Jean Sawyer

Ted Tiffen Cup, Miss Jean Sawyer

Reading Festival Cup for best rose exhibit, L Bradley

Voyle Cup - best exhibit dahlias, Mr J. McCartney

Bert Goodson trophy - best exhibit in whole show, Mr J. McCartney

National Dahlia Society Medal - most points dahlia classes, Jim McCartney  

Royal Horticultural Society's Banksian Medal - most prize money vegetable, fruit and flower sections (excluding winners 2004-2006), L Bradley.

Silver Salver - most points in show, Ms G Matthews 

McCartney Cup - most points children and novice sections, Master M Barlow


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