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Autumn Show 2010 Results

11th September 2010

We had a lovely number of entries and a large number of visitors to admire the show entries.

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The results for the 2010 show are as follows

5 tomatoes, Jim McCartney; 5 potatoes, white, Jim McCartney; 5 potatoes, coloured, Jim McCartney; 3 onions, globe, Jim McCartney; 3 onions, flat, Jim McCartney; 9 shallots, over 1“ in diameter, Jim McCartney; 9 shallots, under 1“ in diameter, Jim  McCartney; 3 beetroot, Jim McCartney; 1 cabbage, Mrs J Anderson ; 3 carrots, Jim McCartney;  6 runner beans, Jim McCartney; 7 french beans, Gillian Matthews; 2 lettuce, Jim McCartney; truss of green tomatoes, Ann Briggs; truss of cherry tomatoes, L Bradley; pair of marrows, L. Bradley; squash, Gillian Matthews; any other vegetable, Jim McCartney; any 4 vegetables, Jim McCartney (BEST IN SHOW); 3 sticks rhubarb, Gillian Matthews; vase of herbs, Valerie Wing; pot of mixed salad leaves, Gillian Matthews; 3 courgettes, Malcolm South, 3 garlic <no 1st prize>. 

3 Dessert apples, Mrs J Anderson; 3 cooking apples, Valerie Wing; 3 pears, Gillian Matthews; plate of 3 mixed fruit, Gillian Matthews; any other fruit, Hazel Blackburn; plate of unshelled nuts, Elaine Rae; 9 raspberries, Valerie Wing.

3 blooms large flowered (HT) roses, Mrs J Anderson; 3 stems of any other rose, Mrs J Anderson; specimen rose, Jim McCartney; 5 pompon dahlias, Jim McCartney; 3 mixed dahlias, Jim McCartney; 3 dahlias, single variety, Jim McCartney; 1 specimen bloom dahlia, Jim McCartney; specimen stem pelargonium, <no 1st prize>; vase of flowering shrubs, Carolyn Steed; vase of any other kind of perennials, Jean Sawyer, vase of annuals single variety, Mrs J Anderson; vase of annuals, mixed varieties,
Jim McCartney; 3 stems mixed fuchsias, Doreen Meadowcroft; 3 stems fuchsia, 1 variety, Doreen Meadowcroft; 6 stems foliage, at least 3 varieties, Mrs J Anderson; fuchsia in a pot, Mrs J Anderson; foliage pot plant, under 6“ pot, Doreen Meadowcroft; flowering pot plant, under 6“ pot, Doreen Meadowcroft; cactus <no 1st prize>.

5 Runner beans, Anne Franklin; 3 onions, <no 1st prize>; 3 potatoes, Val Taylor; any other kind of vegetable, Ann Briggs;  2 apples, Dorren Meadowcroft; any other kind of fruit, Carolyn Steed; vase of mixed flowers, Doreen Meadowcroft; vase of one kind of flower, Doreen Meadowcroft.

3 millionaires shortbread, Elaine Rae; 3 decorated vanilla cupcakes, Elaine Rae; jar of fruit jelly, Elaine Rae; Bakewell tart, Elaine Rae; 3 mixed bread rolls, Elaine Rae; jar of raspberry  jam, Elaine Rae; jar of marmalade, Ann Briggs; 5 cheese straws, Julian Rae; coffee and walnut cake, Ann Briggs.

Longest runner bean, Gillian Matthews;  collection of the most misshapen vegetables, Malcolm South; Bob Turner Challenge Cup, Mrs J South, Ted Tiffen Cup, Caroline Aldridge, rose buttonhole, Ann Briggs.

Colour photograph of a butterfly or bee, Elaine Rae; colour photograph of a vegetable plot, Mrs J Anderson; wildlife house, Gillian Matthews; miniature waterclour  Gillian Matthews, Christmas card Helen Holloway.

“Alice in Wonderland“ fresh plant materials, <no 1st prize>; “Decorated Hat“ 7 flowers and natural plant materials, Mrs J Cope ; “Poem“ natural plant materials, Eileen Joyce; "Birthday party" table decoration, Eileen Joyce; petite, Eileen Joyce;  “Miniature“, Mrs J Cope.

Garden in a half seed tray, Anton Rae; monster made from fruit or vegetables, Anton Rae; photograph of you and your potato harvest, Anton Rae; 3 decorate fairy cakes, Tamara Hope; Mustard and Cress in an unusual container; Mia Hope; any  vegetable, Toby Rae; 1 garden flower, Imogen Haley; design wrapping paper, Anton Rae; truss of cherry tomatoes, Anton Rae, Decorated Egg, Giles Rae; folded paper animal, Toby Rae..

Potato growing competition for children, 1st Giles Rae, 2nd Anton Rae, 3rd Toby Rae.

Silver Salver - most points in show, Gillian Matthews

Jubilee Shield - most points in vegetables, fruit and flower sections, Jim McCartney

Ford Silver Challenge Cup - most points vegetables, Jim McCartney

Parsons Silver Challenge Cup - most points fruit, Valerie Wing

Society Silver Challenge Cup - most points flowers, Mrs J Anderson

Balmore Cup - Most points in novices section, Doreen Meadowcroft

Whiskin Trophy - most points in domestic section, Elaine Rae

Handicraft cup - most points in handicraft section, Gillian Matthews

Devon Cup - most points in floral Art Section, Eileen Joyce

Bob Turner Challenge Cup, Mrs J South

Ted Tiffen Cup, Caroline Aldridge

Reading Festival Cup for best rose exhibit, Mrs Anderson

Voyle Cup - best exhibit dahlias, Jim McCartney

Bert Goodson trophy - best exhibit in whole show, Jim McCartney

National Dahlia Society Medal - most points dahlia classes, Jim McCartney  

Royal Horticultural Society's Banksian Medal - most prize money vegetable, fruit and flower sections (excluding winners 2007-2009), Jim McCartney.

McCartney Cup - most points in novice or children's section, Anton Rae

Children's Cup - most points in children's section, Anton Rae


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